Secret Seduction by Jill Sanders

Secret Seduction (Secret Series Romance Novels)


To Katie life was simple. She wanted a little house in upper Boston, and four kids fathered by her best friend Jason, who she’s been infatuated with since she was eight. After a devastating family secret is exposed, all she wants now is to escape the media hype that follows her everywhere she turns. Leaving her family, friends, and Jason behind, she travels to places she’s only read about, to find a father she’s never known.

Jason is on a mission and he’s come halfway around the world to complete it. Despite his feelings for Katie, he won’t let her resistance deter him, even if it means she’ll never trust him again. As their world spirals out of control, their relationship will be tested and changed forever. If he can keep them alive and out of harm’s way, he may have a chance to make everything right.


I read the first book in Jill Sanders Pride Series and remember liking it quite a bit. When I saw Secret Seduction was up on amazon for free I grabbed quickly as and was really eager to start reading it. It started off okay, but Katie quickly got on my nerves. Yes I understand that you mom lied to you for your whole like, and the fall out from the lie coming out was horrible. However, you are an adult now and should be able to not throw a temper tantrum and act like you are 2 years old every two seconds. She is just so frustrating! She wouldn't listen to anyone and ran off for a year without contacting any of her other family members. Really? They are dealing with the fall out too, and they care about you. Way to just not care about anyone who loves you.

Then someone tries to kidnap her, she is in handcuffs, and surprise! Jason is there to save her. Jason who she has been in love with forever. Jason who she does not let say anything after kissing her and assuming he didn't want that. Like always she just jumps to conclusions, then runs off when everything comes out before even talking to him. So he shows up and saves her, which is great, and yes I would have questions as to what he is doing there, but I think first I would want to get somewhere save away from who ever is trying to kidnap me. I mean I would trust Jason...I have been in love with him forever so...when Jason is trying to drag her through the streets away from her would be capturers does she go? No. She decides right then is the perfect time to throw a fit and demand to know RIGHT NOW what is going on. He keeps trying to get her to continue moving, and she just stamps her feet all no! I am two and you can't make me! Wah! Then he gets her into a crowded cafe and the windows get shot out! Does Katie finally shut up and just go with him to try and get somewhere safe? No. Of course not. Time for another temper tantrum! I mean it is like she had no regard for him or her own safety. So supposedly cares about Jason, but she really is not showing it. He could be caught in the cross fire, the people after her could take him too, anything could happen. Plus she could be killed! Who cares, this is the perfect time to act like a child and not try and get somewhere safe. She was really annoying.

Jason seemed nice. I did like him. He was always trying to save Katie. I have no idea how he stood to be around her though. I would not be able to deal with her acting like a two year old all the time. He was great though and I really liked him. At one point Jason did point out that Katie was acting childish, running off and refusing to even talk to her mother a year later. What does Katie do? All but stomps her feet and yells nuh uh! like a small child. Really her reaction to being called a child really shows how childish she is. Way to prove his point. Plus he points out that she didn't let him explain after she kissed him a year ago, and she throws another tantrum. Why does he like her? I don't get it. He follows her around, making sure she stays safe, rescues her from kidnappers and has to keep saving her/keeping her safe, and is just so sweet. What does she do? Throw tantrums, yell at him because he talks to her mom, and is just not good.

One thing I did really enjoy about the book, and one of the reasons I kept reading it until the end, was the steamy scenes between Jason and Katie. I thought they were well written, especially compared to the rest of the story. For some reason the writing in the rest of the story felt very disjointed and a little off, but the hot scenes were hot. Katie and Jason did have great chemistry together, even though I still don't get why he liked her. If the scenes between the two of them wouldn't have been so enjoyable I am not sure I would have finished the book.

Then the ending? Slight spoilers ahead...So they never really explain what happens with the henchmen. It is just like yey! It is over! The end. No one is questioning them to see who sent them, no one is worried about charging them or making sure they pay for trying to kidnap Katie, really they are never mentioned after the brief the one is in the hospital. Perfect - I love when things don't get wrapped up like that. I mean it doesn't seem like that story line is continuing into the next book based on the synopsis for it is kind of annoying. The epilogue was also not the best. So overall this book was very annoying. Katie was the most childish adult I have ever read. I wanted to scream Grow up already!!! all the time. Then the writing for the most part was not the best. I expected more since I enjoyed the first Pride book so much (and really I need to get the rest of those books to read). Unfortunately this book was just not that good. I did like the chemistry between Jason and Katie in the intimate scenes, but other than that she annoyed the heck out of me.

Rating: 2/5


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