Dirt by K.F. Ridley

Dirt (The Dirt Trilogy)


My life has been a lie. I’m about to be eighteen, but my bithling blood could destroy the entire universe and the fate of all mankind.

...And he was off limits. He was beautiful. He was my stalker. He was my protector. He could have been my killer... and I could be his destroyer.

His world of Durt was adorned by alluring lavender moons, fascinating creatures, and had an undeniable Darkness... but still I wanted him. Would the cost be my life? And would it be worth it?


The writing is very wooden and mechanical. Almost like reading a textbook or something. There weren't real emotions that came across. Sure the emotions were mentioned, but it wasn't really followed up with actions showing those emotions. Take this passage for example:

"We share a glance. I'm falling for him. I don't know what to do with my feelings."

That is it for the hot steamy romance that is Rowen and Ashe. At least in that part of the book. It doesn't really get better than that. See for me those sentences are like the entire book. Short, clipped, not really engaging me. There was nothing to follow showing me that she was indeed falling for him. Or struggling with her feelings. Only those few short sentences that are supposed to convince me of this. Expand this over the entire book, every scene and that is how it was for me.

About twenty percent of the way through you start to get answers for what is going on and man that was boring. That really read like a textbook.  Put me right to sleep so I had to skim most of it. Thankfully, like everything in the book, it didn't last long.

The longer I read the book the more I found it annoying. Towards the end there are some big fight scenes, but even they were disappointing. I mean fighting the head bad guy should take more than a page. Freeing people who have been captured should also take more than walking into the dark Thorns place and taking them out. I mean there were barely conflicts. They took two seconds to resolve. There were no big climactic scenes to be like well at least there is this. Plus all of the twists at the very end made me roll my eyes so much. That and being reminded that Coll hates humans every two seconds...I was just like I got it! You don't think he likes humans, please stop reminding me every two seconds.

The writing style was just so odd I couldn't get into the story at all. I didn't care about any of the characters or anything that was happening. The book just was not engaging for me.

Rating: ★1/2


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