Love Thy Neighbor by Belle Aurora

Love Thy Neighbor (Friend-Zoned)


Asher 'Ghost' Collins and Natalie Kovac shared a passionate night together. One neither of them can forget.

So why is it so hard for them to be around each other?

With no hope of the two getting along they decide to go their separate ways. And somehow end up closer than they've ever been.

Will friendship ever be enough for the pair?


I started reading Love Thy Neighbor and thought hmm..this is not as good as the first book. Really I think the beginning took way too much time recapping what had happened in the first book and who everyone was. I like short and sweet one sentence here or there when needed to clue in people who haven't read prior books, not paragraphs telling me. Plus at first I wasn't really connecting with Nat. I'm not sure why but I was just eh about her. I didn't really get her at the beginning, and really I didn't totally get her at the end either, but I liked her by then. She slowly grew on me. I still didn't like her as much as Tina, but really how can you compete with Tina?

Ash I loved! I felt so bad for him and the chapter where it is like a flashback of what happened to that point I almost cried. I just can't imagine how he got out  of that situation and is the person he is now. I just can't. I wanted everything for him, for him to be happy and fall in love and have everything he could ever want. He really was a sweetheart even though he was always down on himself and didn't really know how to be with someone. He did try and was just wonderful. Really I think Nat and Ash made a great couple. They were hot together, but also so sweet with each other. He could really open up to her and let her in like no one else. It was just so nice to see. It was nice to watch him turn from the silent brooding type to the happy fun guy he is. I loved him. 

I also really enjoyed the story itself. It really was just the story of Ash and Nat. No crazy other rouge mob guy kidnapping and trying to hurt Tina and Nik. No crazy, well I guess there was Cole, but that was in the beginning and resolved pretty quick. And lead to more Ash love! It really was just about how Ash figures out how to love and how to not hate himself and be with Nat, and Nat to be with him. It was sweet and heartbreaking and wonderful and a great follow up (even though it started off slow for me). My one issues was the very end - the last chapter with Tina pregnant, ad really the whole pregnancy thing in general at the end. I don't know why but that bugged me. Oh well, at least everyone is happy. 

Rating: 4/5


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