Mine 'Til Monday by Ruby Laska

Mine 'Til Monday


Dorothy Albright has known Mud Taylor all her life. They’ve shared skinned knees, picnics, and rope swings..and somewhere along the line, a first kiss. Then Mud grew up one summer and left her behind. He’s a forgotten page in her history, until a crisis in her professional life brings him back.

Dorothy’s dream boss is looking for a certain kind of protégée: the married kind. Unfortunately, Dorothy’s social life has taken a dive while her career has taken off, and there’s no fiancé in sight, fictional or otherwise. 

Then she remembers Mud, and she has to admit that her old best friend is the only man who can help her pull off her plan, even if he stirs up long-buried passions.


I had read another book by Ruby Laska, but I couldn't remember if I enjoyed it or not (it was a while ago). I started this book not expecting to enjoy it much, but found I really liked this. I was worried it was going to be an all sex no story kind of romance (I don't really like those). It wasn't the best book ever, but it was quite entertaining and I found I didn't want it to end. A perfect rainy day read - light and easy and fun. 

Dorothy and Mud have obvious chemistry. Obviously Dot's plan to try and fool Miranda to get her dream job is not a good one. Obviously it wouldn't really work. I mean what happens once she gets it and she doesn't get married to Mud? It would be really bad to start on those kind of terms. But just disregard that. I mean it is a minor detail really in the story of Dot and Mud. They were so good together I didn't really care what shenanigans they got up to, or how unrealistic they were. 

I was confused by what happened forever ago that broke Dot's heart. Even after finishing the story I was kind of like wait a minute...but again whatever. Not sure why but a lot of things that would  normally annoy me I just overlooked with this story. It was just that entertaining. Do Mud and Dot get together pretty quick? Yes. Does it work out right away? No way. Do they both think the other doesn't care about them and are secretly upset that the other will never love them? Yes. Was there incredible chemistry between the two? Yes! It was great. Sure I was like ah! You two just need to talk this out and you will see you are perfect for each other! 

I did really like Mud. I liked how he could be all fancy pants, but was just a normal everyday kind of guy. Dot was really snobby at the beginning, well I guess all throughout, but by the end it didn't matter as much. Speaking of the end that is the one thing I disliked about this story. It is going along and it is good, but then suddenly everything resolves in like two pages and it is over. I was just like what? Did I miss something? How is this over already??? It was way too quick for the story. Really I thought did the author just not feel like writing anymore and just wrapped it up as quick as possible? So other than it ending way too quickly it was a good read. 

Rating: 2.5/5


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