Paloma: A Laurent & Dove Mystery by Linda A. Lavid

Paloma: A Laurent & Dove Mystery


Paloma, a woman with three identities, is running hard and fast. Someone wants her dead. But which identity is the killer after? Max Laurent, retired FBI agent, throws himself into the mix. Paloma must outwit the assassin. Max must outwit Paloma. Before coming to terms with past misunderstandings and a child long ago abandoned, they must, together or apart, find and eliminate the killer.


I was not expecting much from Paloma. Really I thought the synopsis was a bit confusing, but I saw potential. I am glad I gave it a read as it was alright. Not the best book ever, but entertaining. 

Paloma felt a little scattered. Like she didn't really know what she was like. She just kept changing her mind, though she did stay a scared girl who keeps running, until the very end. She was alright, and I can understand why she would be so skeptical of everyone. It was interesting reading her thoughts on the matter, then seeing Max's thoughts on the same things. 

Max was an FBI agent who fell for Paloma when she was a key witness on a big case. She had to go into witness protection so he let her go for her own safety. It is obvious he still cares about her, even though he was like stalking her for years. I understand why she is frightened of him and such, but then once they do catch up she keeps being wishy washy. He keeps saying he loves her, and she thinks how much she liked him, but I never really saw why. I never really got why they cared for each other, just at one point they did. 

The who done it aspect was alright. It was fun trying to figure it out. The end was a little too easy though, everything was taken care of too quickly. Also the reason was a little lame. I didn't really get why the would be killers tried to kill her. I know what we were told, but it is not a great reason. That and all the relationships just magically work out at the end. It just wasn't the best. 

Rating: 2.5/5


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