More Than Forever (More Than #4) by Jay McLean

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There is a love so fierce it cannot be measured. 
A heart so strong it will never slow. 
There is a promise so sure it can never lie.
He promised me that love forever.
Even when it wasn't enough.

Forever. Everlasting. Eternal.
There is no measure of time. 
No sounds of the ticking of a clock. 
Just the rising and falling of the sun.
And our own sense of forever. 
But our forever isn't always.


*Note: This is the fourth book in a series. It can probably be read as a standalone, but will spoil the other books if you do read this first. I would suggest reading them in order. 

Wow, I didn't think anything would top More Than Her, but somehow More Than Forever did. I freakin loved this book. I loved Logan in the last book, but oh my goodness Cameron. He kind of swooped in out of nowhere and stole my heart. He was amazing. 

Cameron and Lucy have been together forever. Since her mom died. Since he started showing up at her house to help out after that. He noticed her before that, but never got a chance to talk to her. In the first book in the series we see they are already together, and the epilogue of the last book had a bit of a sneak peek as to where they were going, but this story goes back to the beginning. Goes back to when Lucy's mom dies and what happens between then and now. How do these two get together and become the amazing couple that they are. 

When the story starts out Lucy is having a hard time. She has so many siblings to take care of and now that her mom has died and her dad is not around. He drinks himself into a stupor and when he is there he is not a good person. So Lucy is trying to do everything herself. Trying to make sure her brothers eat and go to school and do everything they are supposed to. It is a lot to put on such a young person, though when Cameron starts showing up to help she isn't sure what to think. I mean she doesn't even know him. Why is he coming by? She is very proud and doesn't want to need anyone else's help. She also has some other issues, ways she tries to deal with the pain and chaos around her, and Cameron helps with that as well. And slowly Lucy starts to let him in. Slowly she starts to trust him and like him and love him. 

Cameron is simply amazing. He is all in so quickly and so young. He only sees Lucy. There are no other women. This book has a lot of ups and downs, mainly because Lucy is pretty insecure at times. I don't really know why as Cameron is as close to a perfect boyfriend as you can get. Sure other girls might try and move in on him, but honestly he doesn't notice or see them. This can cause issues because Lucy is worried he will leave her eventually, and since he doesn't see anyone else he isn't aware of how hurtful some of the things he does are because of her insecurities. I really did love everything that happened with Roxy. Well not loved what happened, but loved how Cam saw everything at that time. Loved that he only sees Lucy, only ever her. Oh I don't know how you can not fall in love with this guy!

This story has some really rough parts. Some times where I just hurt so much for Cam and want to hate Lucy for hurting him. Some times where I wasn't sure if they would actually make it, but then I kept holding on to the sneak peek we got at the end of the last book, hoping beyond hope that everything will turn out okay. I mean Cam will do anything to be with Luce. He loves her beyond anything that could happen, she just needs to figure that out. She needs to learn to be more secure with them. I guess that would be one small, teeny tiny little thing I didn't get in this story - why Lucy was so insecure with them. It seems like with a boyfriend like him you should just know he loves you and would never do anything to intentionally hurt you or jeopardize your love. It was rough at times, but I also couldn't put it down. Cam just stole my heart and I couldn't wait to see him and his happily ever after. Oh I can't tell you how much I loved this story. I thought the last book was amazing, but somehow this one was even better. I know I have one more and I don't know how it could be better than Cam and Lucy's story. We shall see. Really this series is amazing. Simply amazing reads. Love them so much. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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