Going to be Yours by Samantha Chase

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Will's been in an interesting relationship for the last three years - he's been kissed my a mysterious woman at all of the SF festivals while working the kissing booth. But he has no idea who she is and she disappears after every steamy kiss. But this year...this Halloween festival...he vows to stop her and convince her to do more than just kiss and run!

This book is part of Erin Nicholas' Sapphire Falls Kindle World!


Going to be Yours was a cute read. Will has been working the kissing booth of the town festivals for the past three years. Every time this lady comes, kisses him, and runs off before he has a chance to say anything else. No one seems to know who she is or where she is from. Odd, since everyone knows everyone in town. Every time they share a steamy kiss and every time he has a plan on how to stop her before she runs off. Only every time his plan doesn't go as planned. When the town announces a new Halloween Festival Will is very excited - this time will be different. This time he will get to know his mystery girl. 

The mystery girl was fun. She is just as curious about Will as he is about her. What started as a bet turned into something else, but she doesn't really know how to find Will or who he is. She wants to get to know him, his kisses are dreamy, but how will that work? It has been three years. Three years of going to every festival just to kiss him. Three years of lead up to this fateful fall. When mystery girl finds out the town is having a Halloween Festival she knows this time will be different. This time she will find Will and get to know him. Who knows, maybe something great will come out of it. 

This story was a quick read and the characters were a lot of fun. Will is so sweet and his mystery girl is wonderful. I loved seeing the two of them get together and see if there really could be something between them.

Note: I received an advanced copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


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