Westin's Chase (Titan #3) by Cristin Harber

Westin's Chase (Titan Book 3)



Jared Westin knows his reputation and likes it. He gets the job done. No emotion. No baggage. That’s why his elite ops company, The Titan Group, is better than the best. They complete projects classified as mission impossible.

And then, in walks a woman as tough as she is sexy. His counterpart in every way, should he choose to admit it.


Ousted undercover ATF agent Lilly Chase only answers to “Sugar.” Jared is the only man who can see past her leather-and-lipstick demeanor, and that revelation is terrifying. She was fired for helping Titan on a questionable arrest she should’ve ignored, then partnered with Jared’s rival on an assignment in Afghanistan.

Distance and danger do nothing to change her feelings. When she’s left on the side of a mountain to die, an unexpected ally comes forward, and might open her heart.


Saving Sugar isn’t a normal rescue operation. It pits Titan against its rival, Jared against his nemesis. Chasing Sugar’s heart isn’t a simple task, either. She fights him, fights them, always ready to run. When she becomes a pawn in a game of collateral damage, Jared must risk his life to save her—the woman whose bravado and surprising sweetness has given him the one thing he never had. Love.


Westin's Chase is another great Titan read. I love these books so much! This one is the story of Sugar and Jared and oh is it good.

Jared and Sugar know each other because of their business interests. There is something between them, an attraction, but neither really wants to act on it. Sugar definitely doesn't. She is usually a laid back, non serious, no commitment kind of person just like Jared, but she knows with him she wouldn't be. She just can't go there and get her heart broken when he walks away. Which he definitely will.

Jared knows there is something there between him and Sugar. This books opens at the tail end of a mission where they are trying to get someone out of enemy territory. Only they didn't know there should have been two people extracted until they got back to their base. The second person? Sugar. Oh Jared did not like that. Things between these two are just electric. These books have got it all. Super hot scenes, super intense scenes, super fun scenes, super everything!

Sugar was set up as a fall girl and was never meant to make it out of her mission alive. Who wants her dead? Well that would be Jared's nemesis. Oh they were evil and I loved watching the Titan guys and gals do their things. It is like no matter who or what comes at them they've got it under control. Love these books!

In this story Sugar could annoy the bejeezus out of me, but I still loved it. She does whatever she wants, is really hot headed and acts without thinking, and is just one of the most stubborn people ever. She is constantly fighting with Jared, trying to keep her heart locked away so he cannot hurt her. She gets angry then gets herself in trouble and then Jared has to save her. These two were just explosive together. But they just worked at the same time. For all of Sugar's bravado and stupid decision making, they just went so well together.

Jared never thought he would be one for the whole married settle down have kids things. He thought it was great for others, but not really in the cards for him. He didn't know that he would find Sugar and she would be that person to complete him.

"I was born to be with you. Hell, I only existed before I chased you down. Held you to me. Made you love me. And now I live.”

Through all the fighting and special ops, all the drama and intense situations, through it all these two manage to work everything out. Sugar has her issues and is afraid to trust anyone completely, but Jared is just so amazing she cannot help it. Really if I had someone like Jared, or any of these Titan guys, I don't know how I could resist either. Man they are hot and sexy and oh it would be worrying to be with them, but they are just so amazing at what they do. I love these books. I loved watching Jared and team Titan take down his nemesis. I loved it all. These books are great.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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