Let's Misbehave by Lisa Plumley

Let's Misbehave


With no skills besides scoring the perfect stilettos, maxing out her credit card, and partying till dawn, Marisol Winston is about to get a lesson in the real world—and in love.

After years of perfecting her party—girl image, Marisol wants to open an L. A. —based deluxe boutique. Unfortunately her father refuses to foot the bill until she agrees to do a stint in shopaholic rehab. Surely she can survive a few weeks without Dior, right? But part of Marisol's anti—retail remedy entails getting a real job as a nanny/housekeeper in Podunkville, Arizona. Suddenly she's knee—deep in PB & J and dirty laundry, surprised to find herself just a teensy bit smitten with her three sticky—fingered charges—and their deliciously distracting Dad (even if he does wear discount denim).

Quarterback Cash Connelly has one last shot at being re—signed to the pros, which means he needs a nanny who runs a tight ship. Marisol seems to know way more about Tiffany's than T—ball, and she has more miniskirted sex appeal than is strictly necessary for laundering jockey shirts. But his kids seem positively smitten. Well, who wouldn't love a woman who serves up ice cream for breakfast? Now if only Cash can find a way to stick to his strict hands—off—the—nanny policy...


Let's Misbehave is one of those books that gets better as it goes along. I really was not enjoy it at the start, I kept putting it aside, but by the end it was an okay read. I still didn't love it, but it was cute.

Marisol is a poor little rich girl who doesn't feel loved so she shops more than she should. She is always trying to buy people's approval through gifts and I really didn't like her. At the beginning of the book she annoyed me so much. The way she talked and just everything about her bugged me. Really I used it as a book to read at night when I couldn't sleep (instead of something I loved and would get into and then stay up way too late). Her personality just annoyed me.

I liked Cash in the story. He is a football player who had some problems and now is trying to get back into the pros. He has triplets who he is watching over the summer while his ex goes galavanting around with her new guy. He was so great with his kids. He is always trying to do the right thing and be a great dad.

When Cash needs a new nanny his ex mother-in-law recruits Marisol. As part of her shopaholics rehab they have to do a work program and she gets stuck in the middle of nowhere as Cash's nanny. So he has gone through 4 professional nannies already and hasn't been able to keep anyone. He doesn't really have many options left and he is not sure what he will do if Marisol doesn't work out.

Fortunately Maisol is magic and is instantly amazing with the kids! Yey her! Really it didn't make any sense. I totally buy that 4 pros couldn't handle the kids, but Marisol's child like wonder just won them over and they are perfect for her. Yep.

So right away Cash and Marisol are attracted to each other, and she wants to do something about it. Cash tries to stay away because for one thing she is his employee. It doesn't work too well though and they start having a happy little family. Yey.

Really as the book went on I started to like them together. Marisol wasn't as annoying as she was in the beginning, and Cash is good with her. By the end I thought it was an alright read, much better than I thought it would turn out. I still didn't love Marisol, but she was okay. They both have some issues to work through to get to their happily ever after and it it did get better as it went along.

Rating: ★ ★1/2

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