Ivan (Her Russian Protector #1) by Roxie Rivera

Ivan (Her Russian Protector #1)


Desperate to find her sister, Erin goes to the only man in Houston who can help her--Ivan Markovic. The intimidating, tattooed Russian operates one of the most elite mixed-martial arts training centers in the world but it’s his shadowy past and reputed connections with Houston’s underworld that interest her most.

To find her sister, she’ll need the help of her big, scary Russian protector—but asking for help from a man like Ivan carries a steep price, one that might just include her heart.


Ivan was a recommended read and I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately it was just not that good. Everything was so quick and not really developed so there wasn't much to it.

This story starts when Erin goes to this training center to ask Ivan to help her find her sister who is missing. Her sister the drug addict who she keeps enabling and trying to fix. Her sister who doesn't seem to care about her at all. Her sister and her sister's boyfriend both went missing and she has done some checking and thinks she might be mix up in something having to do with some not very good people.

When she first asks Ivan to check into it he doesn't want to. After all she thinks the Albanians are involved and he got out of that seedy underground and doesn't want to go back. However Erin is just so good looking he can't say no to her. Bleck.

So Ivan and Erin quickly try and find her sister, and somehow they almost do almost immediately. Only the Albanians get involved and it is oh noes! What is going to happen to them?! Only not really. None of the bad guys seemed to be that bad. They didn't seem like they would be that terrifying. It was easy enough to work everything out, find the sister and try and keep her safe. It was just not that good of a story. I would have expected more from the mafia. I mean shouldn't it be more difficult to win them over?

Ivan and Erin also immediately have a physical attraction that is supposed to pretty immediately be love. It just wasn't developed enough for it to really work for me. They barely knew each other. It was just people who wanted to sleep together calling that being in love. Not my favorite story, but it is short so quick enough to get through. I have the next books in this series as well, but I don't think I will be reading them.


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