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What happens when nothing is as it seems?

Lexi Dare is on a one-woman mission to stay alive. Both at home and at work. Because how did she end up with a ring on her finger and an abuser in bed as she readies to hit the high point in her career? Everything should be perfect. Amazing job. Handsome fiancé. It's all a disaster.

Parker Black is the brains behind Titan Group, an elite security firm. In his world, everything is ordered and controlled, except what he feels for his buddy’s girl. Something in her eye screams for help, but he has no idea what.

When Lexi disappears, Parker realizes what he should have known. The lines blur between friendships and work, and they must find each other to survive a terror attack that only Lexi can stop.

Black Dawn can be read as a standalone and does not have a cliffhanger.


Wow these Titan series books are amazing. They are just so intense from beginning to end. I was telling my husband about the story and how awesome it is and he just kind of laughed. I was just like no, you don't understand. This author takes these characters and makes you instantly fall in love with them, instantly care about them and want them to be okay, then throws them into so many intense situations they have to get through and you just cannot put it down. Whenever I think okay, I can relax a minute, the danger is passed something else comes up. I love it. All the emotions are just cranked up a level and it is such an amazing read. It is hotter, steamer, more tense, just more everything. I love this series.

Black Dawn was just as amazing as all the other books by this author I have read (which reminds me - I have a few more books from this series I haven't gotten to yet. I really need to fit them in). When I first started reading this book, the prologue, I was a bit confused. I didn't like Matt at all, even when he was being a "nice" guy. I hadn't read the synopsis (I just saw it was a new Titan book and said yes please!) and was wondering how in the world this would be about Lexi and Parker if Matt was involved. Oh you quickly find out and ah, these books. Lexi was an interesting one to read. She is kind of leading a double life. There is her fun, strong hacker self on one side and her weak, puts up with abusive a-hole other side. I didn't understand how such a strong person could put up with so much. She even thinks how she doesn't know why she puts up with it. How did she get to this place where she is slowly losing herself? Where she is losing her friends because she never gets to see or talk to then. Where she is just becoming a shadow of her real self. You just feel bad for Lexi and everything she is going through, but at the same time you can see how strong she can be. How amazing she really is. She doesn't always make the best or right decisions, but she needs to figure things out herself.

Parker has always likes Lexi, but she is his friend Matt's girl. He doesn't really care for Matt, especially more recently as he has become an even bigger jerk. but he puts up with him for the small amount of time he can spend with Lexi. Parker works for Titan as the computer hacker expert. He is really good at his job, working under the handle Black Dawn online. He sometimes teams up with another hacker, Silver Chaos, who is also amazing. He thinks highly of the guy and Silver has helped him out when he needed it in  mission critical times.

When Parker witnesses first hand how out of control Matt is with Lexi he is torn up inside. He wants to help, wants to keep her safe, but he doesn't know what to do if she won't leave Matt. Man I loved Parker. His whole analytical style, his not knowing what to say or do at certain times, was all just so cute! He was adorable, and really really hot. Phew, things between Lexi and him were just on fire!

Parker knows Lexi is keeping secrets, but that is okay. He knows she has some issues to work through and just hopes that one day she will trust him enough to tell him. He was wonderful with her, always thinking about what she needs and trying not to force his wants onto her. They were amazing together.

When their two worlds combine, their online world and their real life world, it was so awesome. These two are just perfect for each other! When things go wrong and someone is after Lexi she has to learn to trust Parker to take care of her. She didn't realize exactly who he is and what he does so she tries to keep him out of trouble for his own good. Oh it was perfect. These two are just amazing together and I loved every minute of this book. Now to go back and read the rest of the books in the series I have missed because man are these books good.

*Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

About the author:

Cristin Harber is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She writes sexy, steamy romantic suspense and military romance. Readers voted her onto Amazon’s Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was both a #1 romantic suspense and #1 military romance bestseller.

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