The Chocolate Rose by Laura Florand

The Chocolate Rose (Amour et Chocolat 3, La Vie en Roses 1)


Her father’s worst enemy...

Top chef Gabriel Delange never forgave his old nemesis Pierre Manon for all the other chef had cost him.

One stolen rose...

And he most certainly couldn’t stand the sight of his own most famous dessert, the legendary Rose, claimed as Pierre’s own on the cover of his new cookbook.

A substitute victim...

But even Gabriel could hardly go through with a lawsuit when he learned the older chef had just had a stroke. Especially not when Pierre had one very cute daughter willing to be Gabriel’s victim instead.

Jolie Manon...

As a child, Jo had seen her family torn apart by her top chef father’s obsession with his work. She had given years of her own adult life to trying to pull him out of depression, after he lost a star. Now a food writer, she might be fascinated with a chef’s work, but she knew how to guard her heart. She would never allow another chef into her life.

Unless he blackmailed her into it...

Welcome to the heat and sun of Provence, where jasmine and roses climb up old colored walls, where fountains play in ancient stone villages, and where even a beast can prove he is a prince at heart…


The Chocolate Rose was my book club book for this month. When I first started reading it I wasn't sure I was going to like it. It seemed like it was going to be one of those books that is just sex, not much story. I mean it starts right off when Jo sees Gabriel for the first time and it was just all about her nipples tightening all the time just on about how attracted she was to him and such. The first few chapters seemed to just be about how attracted she was to him and I just thought this isn't going to be the book for me.

Then something changed. They started hanging out and Gabriel kept mentioning how much she wanted him. It turned into something fun, rather than just sex for the book. I really liked Gabriel. He is so big and tough and strong, but he is also really sensitive and fragile. When he would think of how others found love, by why can't he my heart just went out to him. He wants love in his life, but he can't figure out why his heart is never good enough for anyone. I just felt so bad for him. I wanted him to be happy and find someone.

Jo is so cautious with Gabriel. She tells him right away that she always dumps the guys she dates. This doesn't help him feel like she will stick around, and causes him to really worry that he is going to be completely devastated when she leaves him. He doesn't do thinks half way and just jumps all in. Jo has grown up with her mom and dad both telling her to never get involved with a top chef. Their marriage didn't work, and she is now trying to help her dad through his depression. Her dad weighs heavily on her, and man she just doesn't see how she gives so much to everyone else. Gabriel tries to help her, but she still hold back. He is so selfless with her and so cute. Like when he is feeding her and he gets all shy and oh I just loved him. I liked Jo, but I loved Gabriel.

The end is so sweet, Gabriel is just wonderful. I know this book started off not so good for me, but it quickly turned around and was a great read. I can't wait to read more from this author, especially if the guys are as awesome as Gabriel was!

Rating: 4.5/5

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