Reflect Me by K.B. Webb

Reflect Me


If you're looking for a story about a sweet, innocent virgin who rides off into the sunset with a reformed bad boy, then you're looking in the wrong place. 

Some people don’t get a happily ever after. Molly Scott is one of those people, and she knows it. With the kind of past that she has, and the secrets that she holds, she knows that even if she found Prince Charming, he wouldn’t want her. She refuses to dwell on her less than ideal situation though. This is her life, no point in complaining. 

Logan Wade had his life planned out, until all his dreams came crashing down around him. Now, he’s come back to the town he swore he would never see again to start fresh. He has no plans to ever settle down again, that’s how he ended up back here in the first place. 

When Molly and Logan meet, they are forced to rethink the lives they thought they knew and the futures they were so sure they wanted. Suddenly, Molly wonders if there is a better life outside of the hell she has built for herself, and Logan begins to rethink his resistance towards settling down again. 

They say love conquers all, but Molly and Logan are about to find out that sometimes love just isn’t enough.


Reading Reflect Me really made me angry. I really did not like this book. I am going to try to not be so harsh with this review, but I don't know if that will work. This will probably become a rant, maybe some harsh language, and spoilers to boot. There are a few things about the ending that I just...yeah. Yeah I have given myself a few days to try and not be so ahh! about this book before writing this review, but I don't know that it is helping...

So the book starts off with Molly giving birth to Lyric, her daughter with Brian. Brian is horrible, doesn't care about either of them, and abuses Molly. Well he is always putting her down, and he hit her, but it is like Molly lets him. Not in an abused woman is beaten down and can't escape lets him, but in a eh I don't really care sure you can beat me lets him. Molly says once and a while about how horrible she is and how no good guy would ever want her, but then she doesn't back up these thoughts with her actions. She is supposed to be this broken girl, but she isn't. She is strong and doesn't hesitate to get into a fight with anyone else, defending herself to everyone except Brian for no reason I could see except she says she deserves Brian. Okay. When Logan says something about Brian she instantly defends him, she never once seems like she cares that Brian beats her, except she does keep her bruises hidden as she does know it is wrong, but just doesn't care. She allows the abuse to happen, but not because she is a broken woman and can't escape, just because she doesn't seem to care about that it is happening.

So one day Logan, Brian's long lost friend, comes to visit. Molly and Logan are instantly attracted to each other and Logan instantly falls in love with Lyric also. It was not really believable, but whatever. I didn't even care because the Brian storyline made me so angry. So with Molly liking Logan, and even admitting she hates Brian, doesn't love him at all, was just whatever. So why does Molly stay with Brian? Not because she is a battered woman and can't leave. No, she wants to give her daughter a stable loving home, one with two parents. Sure. That will happen with Brian since he does not care about either of them! That is just what her daughter needs, an abusive father figure! Win win win. Everyone will be happy, especially if he starts abusing the daughter as well. Who wouldn't want to grow up in such a is just like seriously Molly? You seriously think keeping Brian around would be better than raising your daughter yourself? Seriously? I know you are not that stupid. She goes on about how she doesn't want her daughter to have the same horrible upbringing as she had, even though her childhood didn't seem very horrible. Sure her dad is not there, her mom only pops in once and a while to try and get money, but she does have a stable, loving home with  her grandfather. Molly says at one point that he was everything to her, her mom and dad and best friend and everything. So she had a loving, stable home. But still that was some horrible upbringing. Sure it wouldn't be easy to have your mom not care about you, but geeze you have it better than most people, yet you act like you have had the hardest life ever. Did not like. So because of this horrible upbringing she let's Brian stick around, going out drinking all the time, doing drugs, and sleeping with every random girl he can and somehow that is going to provide a better  home for her daughter than she had. Ha ha ha. Seriously.

Then suddenly Molly starts thinking that maybe she shouldn't let Brian beat her. After hanging out with Logan one night he tells her she is stronger than she thinks, which she acts like she knows already, and suddenly she will not let Brian beat her anymore. He gets to keep living with them for the above mentioned idiotic reasons, but he can't hit her anymore. He is a little upset, but doesn't really do anything, not like I would imagine a real abusive guy would. Yes, he is mentally and physically abusive, but he doesn't really act like an abuser. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I don't believe that someone who is an abuser will just let the abused be all nope, not going to happen anymore and then they don't do anything about it. Yep, because that is why it is so easy to leave your abusive significant other. I mean women can just walk out and move on with their life no problem. This is why this book made me so angry. It wasn't like the characters were actually what they kept telling me they were. It made it seem like it is oh so easy to stop the abuse if you are the abused. It is not. It is just makes me angry. It is very difficult for someone to leave a situation like this, and often times the women know the man will kill them if they try to leave. They live in fear of their abuser, but by that point don't really have many options for ways to get out of the situation. It is a horrible situation and it is not that easy to just find that magical someone to make you realize you are great and then stop the abuse. It angers me.

So Molly keeps letting Brian live with her, and one night he does beat her up again. Does Molly do anything? Nope, not until she learns that he knocked up some other girl. Then she gets pissed at the girl and tries to hurt her, then kicks Brian out finally. That easy. Brian does say like this is not over, you are mine blah blah blah, but then for almost the entire rest of the book you don't see him again. So Logan and Molly get together instantly once she kicks Brian out and it was fine. Better than the beginning. You do learn the other oh so horrible thing that happened to Molly. She blames herself for her first boyfriends death. Well they got together in high school and cheated on each other all the time, then she got pregnant (side note - she gets accidentally pregnant twice in not very many years? She need to learn how to properly use birth control because she is doing something wrong) and so yey. Then one day she goes to the doctor with guys brother and finds out she lost the baby. She is distraught and the brother helps comfort her until the guy gets home, only to have the guy come home drunk and find them in bed hugging. He flips out and is all you are sleeping with my brother! and goes to leave. Brother physically tries to stop him from leaving but can't and he drives off and dies in an accident because he was drunk. So obviously that is all Molly's fault...I really don't understand why she thinks it is. They tried to stop him, but couldn't so....anyways that is her horrible past. I really do love books with characters with horrible pasts, but this is not bad. I just....I just really hated Molly. She is an idiot and lets someone abuse her because she thinks she deserves it, not because she is broken from the abuse.

The other thing with the abuse? Everyone in this town, where she works, etc loves Molly. She is the bestest ever to them. Yet no one, not one single person, says anything about her relationship with Brian. No one ever steps up to try and stop the abuse. Why? Well they don't have concrete evidence, except Logan did. He saw the bruises, he was raised in an abusive household, yet he still is all I don't have any evidence even though I just said those bruises were not from falling or whatever Molly said they were from. Nope, no evidence whatsoever. It was ridiculous. Not one person steps up.

Anyways so things are going okay then we get to the end. Brian comes back all caricature villain not believable crazy trying to kill Molly. Apparently when she kicked Brian out no one was worried that he would ever try and come back. They never changed the locks or even move the spare key! I say she really was a battered woman. I mean most people who get out of abused relationships are not worried about the abuser finding them again.....argh! So they don't change the locks or anything because...well that would just make sense. She has her daughter, knows this guy is kind of crazy, he makes some threats and has been calling and not saying anything, but yet it is just like whatever. We should just let him be able to get in whenever he wants. Maybe while they are sleeping? Maybe he could hurt the daughter? Sure why not. I mean he is not that bad so no worries there...So when he goes in the house when no one is there and turns on all the lights what do the boys do? Leave Molly alone. Of course. Makes sense. Better to just let her stay by herself than be safe and have someone stay with her. It was just ridiculous.

Overall I hated this book. It made it seem like it is oh so easy to end an abusive relationship. That and Molly wasn't really a broken down abused woman. She just let Brian abuse her. It just made me angry.

Rating: 0.5/5

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