Release Day: A Princess's Duty (Of Fire and Frost #1) by Sloane Murphy

The Princess’s Duty (Of Fire and Frost #1), an all-new Dark Fae Romance by Sloane Murphy is NOW LIVE!

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Bestselling author Sloane Murphy presents the first book in a new paranormal Fae series, A Princess's Duty. 

Emilia Daarke has wanted to escape the Summer Court her entire life. She's not brutal like the other Fae. She's not savage. But they are. 

When the boy she loves, Cade Vasara, Crowned Prince of the Winter Court, kills Emilia's twin, they are torn apart and Emilia's love for Cade dies just like her sibling did. 

Years later, she has fallen in love with a Hunter - a forbidden love that goes against all that she has been taught. A man her father will never approve of. When her secret is outed, her father captures her Hunter and gives Emilia an ultimatum. 

If she succeeds, she'll lose the one she loves. But if she fails, he will die, and she will never be able to forgive herself...


A Princess's Duty is not the typical read for me, but overall I really enjoyed it. I usually stay away from Fae stories, but I absolutely love the covers of this authors books (they make me want to read them) and I have been meaning to give her a try for a while so I said why not? And jumped right in. I am glad I did as it was fun. 

Emilia is a princess in the Summer Court and there used to be peace between the two courts until the moment that changed everything. Until her twin was murdered by the boy she loved. Since then life has not been the best, but she escapes for little moments of happiness when she can. Only it can never last as she is forced to go and try to win the heart of the boy who betrayed her. Only...maybe things aren't as black and white as Emilia has always wanted to see them. I loved the beginning of this story. I loved watching what was happening and how strong and wonderful Emilia is. Most of her kind, or most of her family at least, are cruel and heartless and will kill anyone for fun. But Emilia is not like that. She is good and pure and I loved her. I loved watching her try and figure out what to do. I loved watching her stand up to the evilness that people try to trick her with. I loved watching her do what she needed to do. 

And Cade? Well he used to be so sweet and wonderful with Emilia, but he seems to have changed. Seems to have hardened like his father. Only occasionally she still gets glimpses of that boy she used to know. 

Now I loved the beginning of this story, but towards the end things started happening a little too quickly. Suddenly this happened and that happened and...I wish it would have been not as rushed. For example, there was a conversation and Emilia had to tell Cade something, but she doesn't and she runs off and talks to someone else, then Cade finds them and is all why didn't you talk to me when we were just together! And she has a reason and it doesn't make sense that in the two seconds between seeing him and talking to someone else you changed your mind and are no longer afraid to tell him what you need to. Like...if she had time to sit and figure things out I could understand it more, but the sudden okay here you go everything is wonderful was...not my favorite. I just went with most of it and it was fine, but that ending? I can't wait to see what happens next!

Overall this was a really fun read. Sure the parts towards the end felt rushed, but I can't wait to see where the story goes!

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

About the Author:

My name is Sloane, but people call me a variety of names, particularly after they read my books. If you’ve read them, I’m sure you can use your imagination to work them out. I was born in England and have lived in small towns and cities ever since. 

My husband, Chris, is the most supportive person in my life. Without his love, help and patience I wouldn't be where I am today. Living my dreams, with him by my side and our crazy fur baby creating chaos. 

At school I drifted through, achieving average grades. I fell into administration and sales jobs, thinking that I couldn't really do anything else, despite always wanting more. 

I’d been writing poetry and song lyrics since the age of about 11, but my love of reading has always been strong. In 2012, I got my first kindle and discovered the works of Samantha Young, Addison Moore, Amanda Hocking, Tijan, A.E Murphy and many many more. 

In 2015 I stumbled into the indie world by accident. I emailed a certain indie author after falling head over heels for her books, and she became one of the best friends I will ever have. She’s a gladiator! But she pulled me in, and took me to my first book signing. She encouraged me to start my blog. She encouraged me to put my art out into the world, first with teasers & covers. 

Then when I finally told her about my stories, she encouraged me to put them out there. Between her and the one I love the most – thank you, Lauren Rowe - (my twinnie, and my best friend) I found the confidence to put myself out there, and the rest, as they say, is history.


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