Irreplaceable (Harmony, #2) by Angela Graham

Irreplaceable (Harmony Book 2)


It wasn’t his fault she lay broken and battered. He wasn’t responsible for the injuries covering her bruised body.
Her heart, however, told a different story. She endured the pain of its jagged edges as it shattered against her chest, ripping through the hope she once held. Her spirit was broken, and only one man was to blame for that.
Cassandra Clarke had known better than to trust her all to a man like Logan West. She’d thought he was different—a better man than he’d portrayed to others. A man worth risking it all for. 
But she was wrong, and would never make that mistake again.
What happens when you question everything you longed to believe—deny all emotions you still hold for a man unworthy of them?

Faced with Logan’s persistence, Cassandra must find the strength to keep her guard up or risk falling again for the one man her body feels…is irreplaceable.


This book picks up right where Inevitable left off. Cassandra is in the hospital angry with Logan and Logan is trying whatever he can to make up for what he said and did to her. While I did enjoy this book I didn't think it was as good as the first one. The unbelievable chemistry between the two just wasn't there as much. Was there still chemistry? Yes. Was it the crazy how are they able to resist each other?!?! Not really. It just didn't feel as tangible as it did in the first one which was a little sad for me. Still it was a good read and I think if we would have been able to see Logan's point of view sometimes it would have pushed it into a great read. There were many times where I just wanted to know what Logan thought, or what he was doing when he wasn't around Cassandra (like when he was trying to give her space and not show up at the hospital).

Now Cassandra in this book is a bit...well she kind of annoying at times. I get it, you don't want to trust him again but you still want him. She tries to play him, but come on. A) That makes you no different then you thing he is. B) Logan is the ultimate player - can't fool him! Still I understand and who can resist Logan forever? Certainly she can't.

 Logan was a bit too possessive at times. I mean really having 3 guys hold you back so you don't go pummel her ex when he is speaking to her? Really? That is not cool. It is something that I see a lot in books - the guy being way too possessive crazy - but it is never an issue which it would be if it were me. Anyways besides that Logan tries to show Cassandra how much he cares. He was pretty sweet while doing that. I still love the two of them together.

Now Natasha is a bigger part of this book, not huge but she comes up more often since she is trying to get back with Logan and Oliver. The ending leaves it open to wonder what she is really up to and why is she really back? I can't wait to read the next book and see how everything gets resolved. I don't for a second thing that Logan will ever mess things up with Cassandra so it should be fun watching Natasha try. I mean Logan and Cassandra are so perfect for each other and so in love it just is not possible. Unless it is something to do with Oliver. So yeah, I can't wait to see Natasha get what she deserves! Logan and Cassandra forever!

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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